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12. července 2009 v 21:29 | Buffyk |  Mercedes McNab
Beer Money(TV)...Echo Olvera
1998-White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf...Pamela
1997-Escape from atlantis(TV)...Claudia Spencer
1994-Fantastic four...Yound Susan "Sue" Storm
Savage land...Hanna Morgan
1993-Addams family values...Amanda Buckman
1991-Addams family...Girl Scout

TV series
Boston public...Mickey Tanner in episode "Chapter Thirty-eight"
1999/I-Angel...Harmony Kendall in episode "Not fade away"
"Power play"
"The girl in question"
"Time bomb"
"Smile time"
"You're welcome"
"Soul purpose"
"Harm's way"
"Life of the party"
"Just rewards"
1998-Dawson's creek...Grace in episode "Downtown crossing"
1997-Buffy, the vampire slayer...Harmony Kendall in episode "Crush"
"Fool for love"
"Out of my mind"
"Real me"
"The initiative"
"The harsh light of day"
"Graduation day, part 2"
"Graduation day, part 1"
"The wish"
"Bewitched, bothered and bewildered"
"Out of mind, out of sight"
"The harvest"
USA High...Denise Miller in episode "Date Auction"
Smart guy...Toukie in episode "Big picture"
1994-Touched by an Angel...Jill in episode "Last dance"
1993-Walker Texas rangers...Heather Preston in episode "6 hours"
Diagnosis murder...Christy in episode "My baby is out of this world"
Adventures af brisco country Jr....Shannon Trahern in episode "Brooklyn Dodgers"
Harry and the Hendersons...Lisa in episode "The genius"

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1 M&T M&T | Web | 12. července 2009 v 21:34 | Reagovat

peknej dess!!!!!

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